Media Berry Design Studios is a small but powerful marketing and design studio that is located in Huntsville, Alabama but serves clients locally, domestically and internationally. It is owned and operated by Heather Fairchild and her 16 year old son, Bing. With help from teams of very talented freelancers and friends Media Berry has become a superstore of marketing services with organic appeal.

Heather has studied creative writing, photography, filmmaking, animation, graphic design, web development, marketing and SEO for decades. Even though she has worked in the industry for more than 15 years she stays current with constant research and training. Working with very diverse people ranging from Pat Robertson to Ric Flair has given her a unique POV that she brings to every project. This has served her well as she has won several awards through the years including ones for Promoter of the Year and International Women in Business.

Bing could be called a prodigy. He was 4 years old when he first asked for his own licensed copy of Photoshop. He won the local PTA Reflections contest in kindergarten and made it to the national level in 1st grade for his videos. Once he began homeschooling Bing taught himself 3D modeling, animation and game development. When he  recently tried to take a 3D game design class they wound up asking him to teach, and he did.

When people talk about Heather and Media Berry Design Studios they say...

"Out of all of the creative folks I've worked with in my career, Heather is hands down the best. She "gets it." We need our message to be capture attention and be fun, but we also need it to be effective. Heather makes me look good and gets results!"
-Conrad Thompson, 1st Family Mortgage Company Owner

"I have collaborated with Heather on many projects spanning more than a decade worth of work. She has always come through with unique, creative and one-of-a-kind solutions. There is nothing out of the realm of her imagination and that translates into exceptional and distinctive results. Plus, she is just a really cool person to be around."
-Staci Dennis, BlackChip Solutions COO

"Heather is a highly creative and extremely resourceful graphic designer with mad skills. I highly recommend Heather for anything from advertising creative, video editing, video animation and web design."
- Dave Scilabro, Chief Marketing Officer at NLC Loans and former Marketing Strategy Consultant

"I had the extreme pleasure of having Heather on my team when I owned my High Fashion Photography Business for 26 years. To have someone like Heather work for me when I depended on Outstanding Customer Service was a dream that came true. Her work ethic was one any business owner would never take for granted. Her punctuality and enthusiasm doesn't go unnoticed. The creativity of her work would carry over in any project she would be given. If you want solid character, reliability, one who meets deadlines, with an outstanding sense of humor, Heather needs to be your choice!"
-Paula Carrozza, COO Glamour Shots (Hampton Roads)

"Heather is a unique talent that spews creativity. She is reliable, trustworthy and easy to work with whether you need her to lead a team and be a part of one. Her heart is golden when it comes to giving back to those in need as evident by her work with non-profits and NGOs. Year after year she was an intricate part of an annual Masquerade Ball of which she coined the name "MasqueRaven.""
-Nicole Cohen-Cunha - Executive Director Raven Maria Blanco Foundation, Inc.